About Christmas Tree Festivals

What is a Christmas Tree Festival?

These Festivals are community events that bring people and local organisations together by each decorating a Christmas tree.  The trees are then displayed collectively, for a limited time, to the public, often raising money for charity.   As well as the display of decorated trees, there may well be some additional entertainment such as live music, Christmas stalls and refreshments – quite possibly mulled-wine and mince pies!   Many of these events are organised by and take place in local churches and have between 12 – 40 trees, but a few of the larger more established Festivals can have several hundred.  Irregardless of numbers, every Festival is unique and has its own charm so is well worth a visit, especially when the trees are lit and it’s dark outside – it’s a sight you won’t forget. 

In recent years, the Festivals have become increasingly popular as a way of bringing communities together, raising money for charity, helping the local economy, sharing the joy of Christmas and – most importantly – having a lot of fun!  So if you have never been to a Christmas Tree Festival, make sure to go this year and add some extra joy and sparkle to your Christmas festivities.  There are many Festivals, large and small, across the country to choose from as you will see from our listings and the map on the Home page.  To whet your appetite, take a look at the pictures in our Gallery