Community Event

Something that draws the local community together for the benefit of the community can be very popular and rewarding. A Christmas Tree Festival can be an ideal event to do just that and if it is held annually can be something that is eagerly awaited. It can become a popular date in the calendar that so many people look forward to and will go out of their way to be part of. This is especially so in small towns and villages where the local Christmas Tree Festival becomes the meeting place and talking point for so many and for so long.


Community Involvement

With a Christmas Tree Festival local groups, schools, organisations, and businesses can be invited to decorate a tree. This can give rise to a lot of networking between the groups in the area which can be of great benefit to many. If you are in a village without businesses then local groups and families or individuals could decorate the trees. It is best to decide who you are [or not] going to allow to decorate a tree before asking people to sign up to decorate one. This is especially important if space and hence the number of trees is limited.  Decorators might have to be on a first come first served basis or restrict them to voluntary groups and charities or families and individuals. Again it depends on your locality and the number and types of groups who may be interested but the advice is to talk about it first and plan ahead very carefully.

Even if you can’t have everyone decorating a tree, there are other ways of involving more groups e.g. by sponsoring the programme or donating refreshments or organising a concert of local talent. All of these can be local and adding to the community feel of coming together at this special time of year.

Making it an Annual Event

If a Christmas Tree Festival becomes an established annual event the community will look forward to it each year and a healthy competition may develop between the groups. People will want to plan early and maybe spend a few weeks or even months making their decorations. This means Christmas will be at the forefront of people’s thoughts for months [if not all year] and they will be keen to sign up to decorate a tree and be part of something they see as successful and fun.

The Christmas Tree Festival could be used as a fund raiser and the money given to a local project that everyone supports or just done for everyone to have fun and work together and show off their creative and artistic talents. You will be pleasantly surprised at the hidden local talent.

Christmas Tree Festivals that have become established annual events have proved to also have a positive impact on the local businesses and economy of the area.