Why Host a Christmas Tree Festival?

When thinking about putting on your own Christmas Tree Festival the first question to ask is ‘Why’ would we like to do this’?

The way the Christmas Tree Festival is organised depends on the reason for doing it and what is included in it so this is a major discussion to have at the very beginning.

A Christmas Tree Festival needs a core team of people to be involved with the planning and a larger group to help with the actual setting up of the festival and then stewarding when it is up and running and open to the public for visitors.

For organising a first festival it is recommended to take over a year to plan as this will give you time to visit other Christmas Tree Festivals and formulate your thoughts and ideas. If you are considering hosting one you will probably have been to one already and enjoyed it so much you would also like to ‘do’ one. But have other people you will need to form part of the planning team been to one too? If not allow time for them to visit some. Occasionally such an idea like a Christmas Tree Festival can take a while to convince others that it is a good idea worth pursuing so having one or two others who have also seen and experienced a Christmas Tree Festival can be the casting votes. Assuming that those who have visited one will want to be involved you will then have a few of you to become the core group who can develop ideas and take the project forward into becoming a reality.

So having decided that you would like to host and organise a Christmas Tree Festival agree together why you would like to host one. As there are various reasons for having one it is important at the beginning to discuss this together and come up with your objectives or ‘vision statement‘. This is useful to refer to at various intervals checking that your ideas fit in with the overall plan.

Reasons for a Christmas Tree Festival

  • A Christian Christmas
  • A Community Event
  • A Fund Raiser
  • A Public Relations and Marketing Exercise
  • A combination of the above.