Dried fruit decoration
Humourous decoration

Christmas Tree Crafts and Decorations

It is hard to beat the variety and originality of the handmade decorations on display at Christmas Tree Festivals. If you are a keen crafter or just enjoy getting sticky and painty fingers, they are a great opportunity to put your talents to good use and to give a lot of pleasure to many in the process.

If you’re not an experienced crafter, taking part in a Christmas Tree Festrival is a good way to try something new. Instead of traditional crafting materials, you could use something more unusual such as plant pots, hair rollers, piano keys or even Brussels sprouts! In fact, almost anything sprinkled with the magic mix of imagination and glitter can be transformed into a decoration.

In the future, we plan to use this space to bring you a wide range of inspirational decorating ideas.  In the meantime you can follow us on Pinterest as Christmas Tree Festivals, where we have boards for Alternative Christmas Trees, Edible Christmas Trees, Christmas crafts and Christmas wreathes, among others.

We also look forward to sharing with you on Facebook and Instagram pictures of some of our favourite decorations at this year’s Christmas Tree Festivals. We hope you will post your own photos too.

Paino keys decoration
Decorated sprouts
Children's decorations
Knitted Nativity figures
Plant pot bell
Felt angel